You can never be too young to start caring for your skin! In order to maintain a healthy complexion, it’s important to use products that will benefit you currently and in the long run.  Our Ultra Vitalized Moisturizer is a silky, all over the skin moisturizer with a smooth-as-satin texture. It will leave your skin feeling velvety-soft to the touch. The formula is quick absorbing and has no leftover sticky feeling. This is made from some of the most natural and mild ingredients and has been carefully formulated to be robust and receptive to essential oil, fragrant oil, natural botanicals and colors. 
What are the key ingredients? 
Selaginella Lipidophylla and Marrumbium VulgareStems G. 


  • Selaginella Lipidophylla is also known as the Resurrection Plant. It helps to provide the protective, moisture-retentive and reparative benefits of the secondary metabolites which helps in achieving potent anti-aging, film-forming, water-holding and soothing effects. 
  • Marrumbium VulgareStems G comes from pure plant stem cells. It is the first and unique third generation antioxidant ensuring multi-phase protection through radical scavenging and the maximization of skin self-defensive systems. It also helps to enhance the capacity of the skin to resist oxidative stress and protects against environmental stresses.

Our moisturizer will leave your skin happy, healthy and smooth. 


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