We all know the old adage - you should be drinking 8 glasses of water each and every day. We gradually lose water throughout the day, and in order to stay healthy, hydrated, and energetic, we need to replenish the water we've lost. However, you may not have heard that you should drink a good portion of your daily water intake before your day even begins. 

In Korea, there is a common tradition to drink water immediately after waking up in the morning. You read that right - that's even before the coffee starts brewing! The belief is that drinking water before eating or drinking anything else will nourish your (empty) stomach, allowing for better and more efficient digestion throughout the day. So, beauties, perhaps starting off the day with a healthy dose of H20 is just the mind/body/beauty boost you've been missing to kick off your #ManicMonday.

Don't believe us? Here are some benefits to the Eco|Garden hydration routine:

1. According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your metabolism by 30 percent. And a faster metabolism means an easier time losing and/or maintaining weight, on top of more efficient elimination of toxins and better circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the body. 

2. Dehydration is a main source of frustrating constipation. Water helps move food and waste through our bodies, distributing nutrients and expelling toxins. Drinking water in the morning before eating and digestion gets this process started early - meaning less discomfort later on.

3. Water aids in the body's natural detoxification process. VegKitchen might have said it best: "Without enough water flowing through our systems to carry out wastes and toxins, we would literally drown in our own poisonous metabolic wastes." Let's...not do that.

4. Hello, glowing skin! Proper hydration plumps the skin, giving it a fuller, healthier, and more radiant appearance. In addition, collagen (the protein responsible for elasticity in the skin, also a common filler injected to remove wrinkles) requires water in order to function effectively. Water also helps balance oil in the skin, leading to less acne (!!!!). And remember, after a full night's rest, our skin hasn't been hydrated in hours. That should probably be the first thing on our morning "to do" list.

So — whether you try the Eco|Garden plan out or not — drinking water is an essential part of staying healthy, fit, energetic, and beautiful. Up that water intake and feel amazing!